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What does being healthy mean to you?

This morning the fog is so heavy here, you’d think I lived in the clouds.  I can’t seem to bring myself to run errands.  Instead, I am puttering around the house, drinking a steaming mug of chai tea.  I should be out doing errands.  Like going to the recycling center.  Or buying plants to put in the side garden.  Or going on my run to prepare for my 10-k in January.  But no.  Here I am.  Blogging.

So this made me think.  What exactly does “healthy” mean?  Am I being “healthy” right now?  Here’s a quick little poll that you can take to let me know what you think.


About homemadeandhealthy

I love teaching children, gardening, baking desserts, cooking creative meals, felting, painting, writing, reading, playing board games, listening to records, pulling weeds, listening to my cats purr, playing with my dog at the beach, playing guitar, singing folk songs, doing yoga, traveling to foreign countries, watching comedies, and so much more.

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