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Sayonara Summer…

A few days ago, I purchased a few quarts of this summer’s last strawberries.  Plump, ripe, and royal red, I decided to turn savor these for the rest of the year.  And how best to savor strawberries until next summer than by making Strawberry Jam.  I set to work by carefully hulling each strawberry by hand, then measuring the berries.

Next, I mixed them with sugar and lemon juice, set them on a medium heat burner, and gently brought the berries to a boil.  After they’ve been brought to a boil, it is important to lower the heat so that the sugary berries do not burn.  You also need to be attentive and stir frequently.

In the end, the canning was successful.  When I woke this morning, I made a slice of wheat toast and topped it with my freshly made strawberry jam.  It definitely wasn’t sweet like store-bought varieties (my recipe uses half the sugar of a normal recipe), but it had a very soft and appealing texture.  This jam would be very good mixed with vanilla ice cream or even added into muffin batter.  (If you are interested in a standard, sweet jam recipe, check out  You can’t go wrong with Ina Garten.)

So, summer has drawn to a close.  Sayonara summer.  Hello, fall.  Hello, sweaters and soup.  Hello, strawberry jam!


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