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Healthy Vacation

Over the holidays my husband and I went on a long vacation to Sedona, Arizona.  I’m not one for rocks and desert landscape, but it was pretty nice.  I really enjoyed learning to horseback ride, and “boulder” (rock climb) some of the enormous rock structures out there.  It was a strange landscape (I felt like I was on another planet), and some of the people there made me feel even more like I was on another planet.  It seemed there were two types of people: cowboys and new hippies.  I left having learned to make cornbread on a grill (mmmmm!) and with a crystal for healing in my pocket.  Can’t say the healing has begun yet, but I am definitely up for making more cornbread soon!

Have you ever gone on a vacation that left you feeling healthy and refreshed?  If so, where was it?


About homemadeandhealthy

I love teaching children, gardening, baking desserts, cooking creative meals, felting, painting, writing, reading, playing board games, listening to records, pulling weeds, listening to my cats purr, playing with my dog at the beach, playing guitar, singing folk songs, doing yoga, traveling to foreign countries, watching comedies, and so much more.

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