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Homemade and UNhealthy?!?

Thank you loyal readers for checking in on my blog- I apologize for having been gone.  It wasn’t you, it was me.  You see, over a month ago I caught a cold.  Then it turned into bronchitis.  Then that gave way to pneumonia.  After two heavy doses of antibiotics and a bag full of cold medicines, I thought I was better.  But then this weekend my doctor told me that I’ve had a lingering sinus infection since the pneumonia left my system.  So, I am sad to say- I’ve been home and unhealthy.  Very, very unhealthy.  But I am working on getting my strength and energy back.  Hang in there- I’m cooking up some delicious surprises for you soon!


About homemadeandhealthy

I love teaching children, gardening, baking desserts, cooking creative meals, felting, painting, writing, reading, playing board games, listening to records, pulling weeds, listening to my cats purr, playing with my dog at the beach, playing guitar, singing folk songs, doing yoga, traveling to foreign countries, watching comedies, and so much more.

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