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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Don’t eat the felted fruit!

As you may know, I run a small preschool.  It is an earth-friendly preschool with organic food and lots of nature-based activities.  I do my best to give the kiddos plastic-free toy options, but it is nearly impossible this day and age.  There are just not that many options for plastic alternatives.  Luckily, I am creative enough (thanks, Mom!) to solve my toy dilemma.  I went to the local yarn shop and purchased wool roving.  It’s so fun to buy.  It’s like balls of rainbow-colored cotton candy for sale!  I bought way, way too many colors.  When I got home, I realized that I just had to do something with those 20 different candy colors.  That is how my felted fruit were grown (see what I did there?).

The above picture shows (from left to right): pear, apple, and green grapes.  All three fruits were made from balling up the roving in my hands, kind of like making a snowball.  Then I fine-tuned them with felting needles.  The most important part of felting that I’ve learned is that you need to continue to felt something a while after it looks done.   Too many felted items will fall apart if you stop when they look good enough.

Oh, and the other thing is: don’t eat the felted fruit.  But that’s advice I usually reserve for the preschoolers!